PSY plans to break down barriers with Scooter Braun’s help. So, how we gonna do this?

I’m all for this. All for having an Asian entertainer to finally come over to America and actually have a successful career here. I’m looking forward to what Island Records and Scooter Braun are going to do, but that’s just it- what are they going to do, and how are they going to do it?

My main concern is how they’re going to market PSY. It’s a plus that he can already speak English, so that’s one thing down, but how are they going to make him appealing to the average American consumer that’s obsessed with Nicki Minaj,?Kanye West, and even the label’s own Justin Bieber fans? It’s going to take a lot of money to really push him as an artist here in America. We need a bomb track that’s so good even the most stuck up kid couldn’t deny it. We need a music video that’s beyond belief and we need some heavy promotion. Not to mention styling that caters to a Western audience, but doesn’t lose his Korean flavor. He’s amazingly talented and creative, but unless some major bucks are going to be put into him and this new project… I don’ t know. I mean we’re talking about releasing an album for more than just Kpop fans, but the West as a whole. GANGNAM STYLE did so well because it’s funny and random, but PSY can’t do that ALL the time can he?

I’m sincerely hoping PSY takes America by storm. I really want to see a Korean star, especially a YG one, show everyone in the West what we die hard Asian music fans have been trying to show them for years. I want PSY to be the person I can go around screaming “I TOLD YOU KPOP WAS TAKING OVER” about. I’m just curious as to how they’re going to go about doing that, is all. Time will tell, that’s for sure.

Check out PSY and Scooter Braun’s soju celebration below.

(Source: officialpsy)