Nana KNOW She Look Like Kahi!

After School reveals teaser to “First Love”

Pledis, if you wanted Kahi to stay in After School why did you graduate her? Maybe with some convincing she would?ve stuck around a bit longer- Ain?t no need to make Nana your Kahi #2! I know a lot of people are loving this comeback so far but honestly, I?m not. Granted this is a teaser so there?s still a LOT left to show, but that shriek in the beginning was a huge turn off. Who was that, even? First Love takes on a pole dancing concept and I gotta give a standing ovation to the girls for that. Can you imagine how much practice those tricks must have taken to perfect? I?m looking forward to more teasers/the full release because I really do want to like After School?s comeback- it’s long overdue! Check it out below.


(Source: LOENENT)