Kary Ng

Kary Ng drops new MV, “逆轉”

I’ve been noticing a lot of singers taking on these dark concepts and then wearing really outlandish, lowkey spooky outfits in their MVs in an attempt to create something obscure and shocking so the public can be all “OMGGGG!”, but it’s like…. that’s been done so many times already. It started years ago with Lady Gaga, and I can say SHE was the one that put this recent trend of Haute Couture, alien-esque fashion on the map (that video where she was rocking the Alexander Mcqueen armadillo shoes tho!!). Back then it really WAS interesting and made an impact, but now it just seems like every artist that does that kind of concept is trying to be a carbon copy. It’s no longer unique, just dry and stale. The outfits always look hella cool and detailed though, but that IS the nature of Haute Couture after all…

Basically this whole “high fashion nightmare” thing that’s STILL going on is so boring now, and I wanna see something new and original! I get that creating something “new and original” is hard to do because you can argue that literally everything has been done before in some way, so what I suggest is EVOLVING the concept. Don’t just take what they’ve done in the past and run with it- BUILD upon it!




(Source: universalmusichk)