Jin Akanishi

It’s so good~~

So romantic and dramatic and yessss~ A lot of people haven’t been too fond of Akanishi‘s recent releases but I’m a fan of them, including this latest single Mi Amor. It’s one of the lead singles to his new EP of the same name dropping on the 12th, and it features interpretive dance, a guitar laser show and a tatted up Jin that looks a LOT like Miyavi (they definitely did that on purpose). I’m curious to hear what people think of this release… many are turned off by his newer material because it’s so different than what he did in the past, or so i’ve heard. I don’t know much of Jin’s musical history so I can’t really speak on all that, but I will say that change isn’t necessarily bad and his music is still solid. Like if you just listen to it for what it is instead of immediately comparing, it’s not bad at all. The EP is listed on iTunes with the singles available for download now, but it’s only in the Japanese store. It’ll most likely be listed in the US store too cause a lot of his other stuff, including his last single Good Time, is on there.




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