Lovelyz Release Debut Teaser… I’m Conflicted


Really don’t know how to deal with this…

Lovelyz, more specifically Jisoo, has been going through a LOT of cocontroversys of late. I’ll spare you the details but basically Jisoo is being accused of heavy sexual harassment and the victims that are speaking out seem to have tons of proof.

It’s because of Jisoo that i’m so conflicted about this group. On one hand I want to support Lovelyz because it’s a shame that the other members have to suffer because of one girl’s evilness, but on the other hand if I support Lovelyz then that means Jisoo is benefiting too…

Personally I believe the rumors. I’ve looked at all the “supposed” evidence (there’s a LOT) and I honestly believe Jisoo is guilty. There is room in my mind for her to be the victim, as Woollim is pretty much claiming through their recent statement about her now mental instability, but overall I believe she’s guilty. I’ll be the first one to apologize and take it back if she isn’t because lord knows I WANT this to be one big lie but… idk. :/

Regardless Jisoo will not be a part of promotions as she’s taking a break to deal with her mental instability caused by the rumors, as per Woollim.

The song sounds like it’s going to be really, really good too…


(Source: woolliment)