panzer dragoon

Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu

The Panzer Dragoon series is historic in the video game world, its original release date being in 1995. It was a rail shooter with a very intense story line focusing around ancient, god-like technology and dragons, and to be honest it’s a bit much to get into here! The song below is one of the most well known tracks from the entire series and features the game’s language, Panzerese. Panzerese is actually one of the most standout aspects of this game- it’s a language created solely for Panzer Dragoon made up of Ancient Greek, Latin, Russian and Japanese. The amount of depth and detail that this franchise possesses is something I would still consider next level, and it’s undoubtedly something me and a bunch of other fans will cherish for a lifetime. Video games like this really touched the heart/spirit and defined a generation. There’s wiki pages on the game if you’re interested, or you can check out this fan community Here that has a lot of archived information. Enjoy the song below!