KOJOE x OLIVE OIL 『 HH – He Has – 』

kojoe olive oil

Taking me away

This is a whirlwind of sensory stimuli. So much to say but I don’t know how to verbalize it- I’m definitely channeling the spirit of the song.

I f*ck with this bilingual Hip Hop piece coming from Japan. Everone involved is dope, and I hope there’s a way I can get my hands on the single cause it’s only available in Japanese iTunes. KOJOE, OLIVE OIL and PP¥OIL, keep killin’ it!

HH -He Has-
Produced by OLIVE OIL , Written by KOJOE
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id1…

Directed by PP¥OIL


Track List
01. iNtRo
02. HH
03. pLug
04. mUrDeRmUrDeR sLew Mon$
05. sOuNdbrAin
06. tAmEsHini yArU
07. omW
08. cLoCk2:00
09. ruN ouT oF dAiJi nA aLe
10. fiXX
11. kNiFe2

01. iNtRo feat. AAron Choulai(piano) , Scratch by MATTO , Mastered by KABEYA