DΞΔN x ZICO’s “Pour Up” is late night bed room vibes~

DΞΔN is the latest in Korea’s RnB singers to really make a mark on the scene- he literally came out of nowhere and started releasing bangers.

I watched Pour Up‘s video and then a few reactions and I totally agree with what some of the YouTubers are saying: Just like Crush was the It Man last year, DΞΔN is next and is killing it. I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing all of these new Korean rappers and RnB singers come into the scene and getting their long overdue recognition, but I hope obsessive compulsive Kpopers don’t put their stank all over them. Srsly we can all do without that.

Enjoy DΞΔN’s 2nd Korean single Pour Up below!

p.s. Let me just clarify he’s new in the KOREAN scene. Dude has worked with esta., Mr. Carmackand other notables so don’t sleep.


(Source: Dean The Official)