12 new episodes……… I could cry

*filed under Cool Sh*z because this needs to be featured as it’s huge news*

FLCL was one of several anime that was a pivotal part of my childhood. I LOVE FLCL with all of my heart, but new seasons are unnecessary on so many levels. For one the story was complete, so this is actually unnecessary. Enough with the money grab and leave CLASSIC art alone. Second, it’s a very time-specific anime. It’s filled with this brilliant 90’s energy that was an integral part of the story’s flow and atmosphere, and that really can’t be duplicated. Lastly, and probably the most important, is that the world nowadays is lacking so much in the creative department. Old stories are being recycled because no one has any worthwhile, innovative ideas that can contend with anything put out in the past. I swear the early 00’s were the last decade of high quality, truly inspirational work.

The new FLCL will be co-produced by Adult Swim and Production I.G, the reboot having 12 total episodes split into two seasons- the story will be a sequel to the original. The best thing about this is at least the original production team (Production I.G) is still a part of the project. Like that’s great. But really, I say let FLCL be, let it rest, don’t RUIN it! Everything is so backwards and uninspired today- I’m just gonna go deeper within and hold on tight to memories past!!!!!!

Will I check it out? Of course, I have to. Will I like it? Probably not. I can’t say I won’t be biased because I know I will be, but I can at least try. FLCL is just incredibly special to me and so many others, and it marks a specific time in our PASTS. It’s a cherished memory that I don’t want rebooted and fuked up because industry folk need money and don’t have any vision. /endrant