Wait… FAKY Didn’t Debut Yet…?


After all of this time, after releasing numerous releases through Avex… you mean to tell me FAKY still haven’t technically debuted?! In the MV description¬†Avex state that their major debut mini album Unwrapped is scheduled for release on June 14th, so I guess that really is the case… wow.

I’m not a FAKY fan or anything, but for some reason I always find myself checking in on them and keeping moderately updated on their music. I think I just like the whole bilingual thing they have going on, and all of the members are gorgeous. Someday We’ll Know is just your basic, run-of-the-mill Pop song though- nothing special, but something the youth will like (lol, why did I just make myself sound old af???). The music video is pretty basic too but like with all FAKY releases everything stands out a bit more due to super trendy styling and choreo.