ProtohTypX Release ‘Porno Warfare 2142’

Fight Choreography team ?ProtohTypX? release their new Action/Sci-fi short, filmed only with an iPhone 4S

The amount of win within this video can not be measured. Porno Warfare 2142, despite it’s comedic name, is actually a video that sends a message about SOPA (or the Stop Online Piracy Act) that’s caught way more attention recently. Not only is Porno Warfare spreading awarness and seeking support against SOPA, but it provides good laughs and badass fighting scenes too. Not to mention the ENTIRE short was filmed using an iPhone 4S with no additional lightning or microphones used. It’s pretty much the definition of epic condensed into a 4:36 video.

In a future where SOPA is approved causing criminals to fight each other over the control of illegal pornography: one mercenary attempts to get revenge on his former clients who double crossed him.


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ProtohTypX Creator: @Hen_Zee