Taiwanese-Canadian emcee “LEO37” releases his new EP ‘FANFARE’. Quite possibly his strongest release yet

It’s been a while since LEO37 has released a new album, but that’s because he’s been busy doing tons of other things in numerous countries. The wait is over though, as his newest project FANFARE was released yesterday, February 27. Packed with power and purpose, FANFARE is an album that represents reinvention. It’s musical rebirth. Here’s my review.

Every song on the album is like a little pocket of story contributing to the whole. Each track is it’s own world compressed into 3 minute chunks, and they all contain lyrics that I can only describe as encrypted. Trying to decipher LEO37’s lyrics for the first time is like an adventure, digging through layer upon layer of metaphor until barely cracking the surface.

FANFARE creates this mood- an atmosphere of fulfillment. You’re gently, yet securely, submerged into a universe where depth and understanding are the norm. Once inside there is no escape (not that you’d want to) until all stories of the world are told. Snapping back to reality allows for a partial understanding of what FANFARE is. It will take multiple listens to fully form your own interpretation of the EP, but LEO37’s inspiration and thought process behind the project will remain, quite possibly forever, a mystery. But isn’t that what trying to understand music is all about? Forming and using your own opinions to try and understand the artist’s original motive?

Within FANFARE, LEO37 uses the words Fire and Sun to paint a bigger picture. Rise supreme and reign over all, leaving nothing but ash in your wake of superiority. Don’t?misunderstand, this isn’t a display of conceit but instead an intense confidence in yourself and your ability. The explosive vocals and lyrics represent the realization of your potential, that moment when you decide to take charge of your future and fight for you dreams and aspirations. You take all experiences from that point?onward?and grow from them, using the new found knowledge to your advantage as you continue to press forward.

Although it’s hard to sum the EP up into a single sentence, FANFARE is a radiant display of confidence, courage and self-appreciation finally making itself known. LEO37, you are an artist. I congratulate you on yet another job well done.

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