BIGBANG release the full MV to ‘MONSTER’

Did you all like what I did with the title there? You know, kind of using one of the lyrics… lol.

I’ve written about all the teasers leading up to this full release but didn’t get around to Daesung‘s. To sum things up, I liked it. All the teasers were well done, which leads into the music video. PURE. WIN. I loved everything about MONSTER‘s MV- the creative direction was genius. I don’t know who was in charge of styling, but they have a great eye. There’s so many little things I can point out about each member that I loved. For example Daesung’s look with the really intricate nose ring, and every outfit Taeyang wore. Korea is still selling tons of CDs despite illegal downloading simply because they care. A lot of time is put into their artists and establishing a strong relationship with fans. Other countries need to take notes. I’m about ready to call MONSTER my favorite Kpop MV of the year.

(Source: BIGBANG)