tricot never fails to dissapoint or surprise. This release takes you from one acid trip to another, both visually and sonically, making it so your senses have NO idea where they’re being led and instead are forced to just enjoy the trip. It’s pretty intense stuff, but if you’re a fan of the band you know that their blaring energy is nothing new. Surprisingly enough, INAI is the theme song to Japanese drama series ‘Haru no Noroi’ (‘The Curse of Spring’). Who would’ve thought something as wild a track as this could be a theme song? tricot did that’s who, and they made it happen! Read the official press about the single below and check out the video. Trigger warning: flashing lights.

The song was written for the Japanese drama series ‘Haru no Noroi’ (‘The Curse of Spring’). It is a killer tune whose lyrics flirt with a very human unbalanced madness, combined with the technical prowess and emotional musicality that is tricot’s calling card. In the video, tricot give a passionate performance in a mysterious space that features a large hole that is clearly symbolic of… something. This dark and seemingly bottomless void is connected to the craziness of the song – but you’ll have to watch the video to the end to figure out what it all means. Comment from tricot vocalist/guitarist Ikkyu Nakajima “When I feel I am trapped by some invisible force, I realize that it is not real, just a curse of my own creation. I wrote ‘INAI’ with this realization in mind. May everyone’s curses be broken!”