A belated happy new year from me to you! I know, it’s been a while. I say that all the time… but I def missed you.

Everyone’s Favorite revealed the MV to album title track BAD MODE, a sexy, soulful tune about the beauty and complications of love. How do I know that while not a Japanese speaker, you ask? CAUSE THERE’S ACTUAL SUBS!!! Literally made my day to see them pop up on the screen; safe to say they were not expected!

The video is absolutely gorgeous featuring an intimate, retro set where Utada Hikaru, dressed head to toe in grown and sexy attire, ruminates on someone they want to care for. The lyrical content is different than what one might expect from them as it takes on mature themes like recreational drug use, and even has them cursing! Can’t say I’ve ever heard Utada say fuck in a song before, but I like it! The entire release is just super poetic. Utada’s song writing ability paired with their expressive voice really conveys the power of love in a way that I believe anyone could relate to. The video is full of metaphors, but it may take a few watches to find em all!

Much growth and reflection only further prove that Utada can never do wrong and constantly hits their mark. Their new album (in four years!), BAD MODE, is out now for digital streaming! Physical CD pre-order February 23rd!

Happy Birthday, Hikki!