“Handsome People” prepare for their 1st regular album by releasing a preview of ‘Disco Girl’

I’ve been a fan of Handsome People from the very beginning. I instantly fell in love with the powerful, emotion-filled vocals of Tei (he was a Ballad singer before joining Handsome People) and the smooth melodies of the band when I first heard them. Fluxus is known as the label that has a lot of “artists”. Most idols are just that. Idols, entertainers, but Fluxus has a strong list of artists that focus on creating their own quality music. I’ve been waiting eons for Handsome People’s return and I’m glad to announce that not only do we get a 1 minute preview of their new song Disco Girl, but also a July 5th release date for their first album Are You Handsome?! I’m pretty stoked!

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