AZIATIX delivers a message to fans after landing in New York!

Asian-American group AZIATIX (Comprised of vocalists Eddie Shin, Nicky Lee and rapper Flowsik) have been gaining a lot of popularity lately with their debut single Go! In the beginning their goal was to enter the American music industry, and after their first U.S. performance I think they’re on the fast track to success!

This past weekend (April 30th 2011, a Saturday) was a very special day for the group, marking their debut U.S. performance at the Circle Club in New York! Before arriving at the location the group took the time to thank their fans, which is something they’re known and respected for.

Their success is growing by the day, I know they’ll be big! AZIADDICTS ALL DAY!

Here’s their debut single Go!

Download Go on iTunes here: iTunes

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Their official Youtube Channel: TheAziatix

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