Korean duo 1sagain & Donnie J release their music video for their new song Depressed!

1sagain & Donnie J have created a song with a purpose of giving hope to those in situations in which they feel there’s no escape. It’s a song to encourage people to keep their heads up when facing a difficult time at work, school, or any other place where one might start to feel defeated.

Here’s the official description of the music video:

It’s our a first step with a compilation album, “Depressed” by Neuron Music.
“Depressed” is dedicated to the people who are having stresses and worries from their work, home, or school.
Neuron Music produced “Depressed” to express sympathy with people who feels the same way.
“Depressed” will be released on July 8th with their music video.
We hope that people who had a depressession from their life, could fight off once again by listening to this music.
Please enjoy it and need your support.

Their message speaks volumes! Stay strong!

(Source: NeuroNTV)