“Rainie Yang” releases her new MV ‘Forget’ which features an interactive tarot card reading!

I know I’m late with this release, but I just checked the KKBox charts and saw that this single JUMPED all the way up to number 2 from 6 in like, a week. Being a huge Rainie Yang fan since Meteor Garden I had to write about this in commemoration of her recent chart success (as if that was even a question, though), no matter how late I was. Anyway, Rainie Yang’s newest release Forget is a very sweet song. It’s the same soft Pop genre that’s standard for Mandopop music, but has a pleasant kick during the chorus. At the end of the video you have a choice of 3 tarot card readings, with an explanation for what that card means upon clicking. It’s in Mandarin with no English subtitles, but the interactiveness is so fun and innovative that you’ll look past the language barrier. Jia You, Rainie!

(Source: rainieyangofficial)