Krock band “Eastern Sidekick” release a 30 second MV teaser to new single, ‘Fight for Rainbow’

In just 30 seconds I’m left giddy with excitement. Eastern Sidekick’s Fight for Rainbow is going to be a release for the cool kids. The kids that go to that lowkey indie show not for hipster points, but because they just wanna listen to some kickass music. Although 30 seconds isn’t nearly long enough, I can’t complain since we’re getting the full release on Friday, August 17th (Korea time). My hunger will be fed, and I’ll be able to jam out to Fight for Rainbow like it deserves. Gosh, this sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

Fight for Rainbow will be on Eastern Sidekicks’ first regular album [The First], which will also be released on the 17th.

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(Source: fluxus)