Taiwanese singer “Jolin Tsai” releases the teaser for her new album, ‘MUSE’

WELL THEN. I just got finished ranting and raving about the cool effects in BoA‘s new MV, but this teaser blew that out the park. Not only do we have futuristic everything in this but it’s combined with old school themes like pocket watches and horse-drawn carriages- think Steampunk. The concept of this album is like a futuristic interpretation of old school Europe, so expect elegance and class with a heavy technological touch. Not only that, but the dress Jolin is wearing looks like it came straight off the runway of an Alexander McQueen show. I had no idea MUSE was going to be this intense. My anticipation just rose like 10 levels!

Preorders for MUSE start next week, August 22nd.

(Source: jolintsai)