BIGBANG’s “G-Dragon” releases his new, solo comeback MV ‘ONE OF A KIND’

I mean, I really have nothing to say other than the obvious: This is pure win. Styling, choreo, background dancers and actors hired (even the little ones) were all great, and the song is just epic. Didn’t know that under the hat was cornrows though, I was a little taken aback, but it works. Not to mention all of the other hairstyles GD is sporting throughout this music video- they all fit him well. I just love this whole release. Every second of this track and music video is dope, I mean they even got exotic baby animals to star in it. Pure win I say, pure win.

P.S. The blonde dancer killing sh*t next to GD is Lydia Paek (@TheLyddz)

(Source: BIGBANG)