Hyundai Card’s collaborations with indie Krock band 3rd Line Butterfly + YG Entertainment

Hyundai Card is a Korean credit card company created by Hyundai Motor Group and GE Capital. On their official YouTube channel they’ve begun spotlighting some of Korea’s most notable indie artists (as well as collaborating with huge names like YG Entertainment for BIGBANG‘s Monster. Look below for that video) through a segment called Hyundai Card Music. Their newest installment features Rock band 3rd Line Butterfly and their track You Sexier, It’s Okay, and I’m in love .

If there’s a way to get me to buy a credit card, this is it. Have one of my favorite Rock bands perform in a video with creative visuals all in association with a credit card company- it’s marketing genius. They’re targeting a young, free-spirited and totally hip demographic, and I am digging it. Sadly, I’m not in Korea. When I am though, Hyundai’s my #1 credit card choice. (Thank you krockisreal for the tip!)

And here’s that really cool YG Entertainment x Hyundai Card collaboration I mentioned before. The video is from back in July, so this particular project is probably over.?All of these covers are beyond awesome.

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