London-based Japanese singer “KUDARA” and her first single!

KUDARA has a pretty interesting story, starting with her UK trip in 2010 to study English. There she meant her future producer Dreadlox Holmes through a mutual friend, and after a few sample tracks and return trips to Japan they began planning her debut. I really like this because it ties into what I’ve been talking about recently- globalization. Different people and cultures are coming together to create fresh content that’s totally of this generation, and I can’t stress enough how exciting that is. You can find ?KUDARA’s 1st single, Juliet & Romeo in Tokyo, on iTunes, Amazon, and other online music sites.

The Debut single from Kudara “Juliet & Romeo in Tokyo” featuring her ProducerDreadlox Holmes, is a modern day Romeo & Juliet love story set in Tokyo Japan.The two lovers try to re-write Shakespeare’s tragic play to have a happy ending in their own personal romance, but all attempts are in vain. The track is an1980’s -1990’s Electronic Pop throwback with a touch of Hip Hop influence and a80’s hair rock guitar solo thrown in for good measure.

Juliet & Romeo in Tokyo (feat. Dreadlox Holmes) Japanese Version:

02 Juliet & Romeo in Tokyo (feat. Dreadlox Holmes) Japanese Version

English Version:

01 Juliet & Romeo in Tokyo (feat. Dreadlox Holmes)


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Twitter: @Kudara4real

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