“TVXQ” release teaser to comeback Korean album ‘Catch Me’

I mean damn, I know you’ve been doing well in Japan and all but you just up and left Korea hanging for a while! TVXQ are finally back with another Korean release and I’m stoked. Don’t get me wrong they’re Japanese releases have been some of their best, but it’s good to see the boys return to the land that made me a fan of theirs in the first place. Catch Me is sounding great and the video looks incredible. I see they’re sticking to the whole matching suit/outfit thing they’ve been doing, which I’ve always enjoyed. Catch Me will be released September 24th.

By the way look at all the money put into this MV. It moves pretty fast so you might not catch everything your first go. Rewatch and really pay close attention. Whoa!!

(Source: SMTOWN)