Hawaiian rap group Angry Locals release video footage of the YumiDoll vs. TKO and Keneke The Great vs. Rukka MC battles!

YumiDoll KILLED IT! This was one of the most intense rap battles I’ve watched, with both YumiDoll and TKO going at it with some of the most witty and hilarious punchlines I’ve ever heard! Although they both ripped it, I have to give it to YumiDoll. She did the damn thing!

You know it’s all fun and games when even the rival MCs are laughing at disses made against them! Keneke The Great and Rukka‘s battle is pure comedy as they spit some of the most random lines I’ve ever heard! It’s a great time and definitely a battle worth watching! I guarantee you’ll be laughing the whole time!

Make sure to check out Angry Locals, the rap group behind the MC battle event, at the following sites!

Their website: AngryLocals.com (You can download their new EP Shaka To Da Neck from their site for FREE)

Their Youtube channel: OSNAPRODUCTIONS

Osna’s Twitter: @Osnizzle