Taiwan-based emcee “LEO37” releases the final video from ‘FANFARE’

No matter your musical preference, you have to respect LEO37. His lyrics are layers deep- multiple replays will be needed to better your understanding, and you’ll feel enlightened at the truths discovered. Visually, his concepts capture the depth that simplicity holds, as seen in the video below, which gives physical representation to the lyrics. I think in today’s age, music is a forgotten poetic form, meaning it’s become misconstrued to something that defeats its original purpose. There’s something fulfilling about finding an artist who just keeps it real, who’s just genuine in his craft and in his person. I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity to connect with and share LEO37’s tunes with you all.

Below is You & The Nite, the latest and final video from his EP?FANFARE.

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