Kanauru Productions teams up with Filipino-American Movement Lifestyle choreographer, Shaun Evaristo, to produce an interesting dance to Frank Ocean’s ‘Love Crime’

Shaun has been known to teach choreography to some of the most popular K-Pop artists in today’s industry such as BIGBANG‘s Tae Yang, SE7EN, and SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong. This video, however, further shows off his artistic side.

In the video we witness Shaun being caressed by wandering female hands, all of which appear to be abusing him. From this you can see the relation the video has to the title of the track used, and how some people wonder if love is truly a crime.

Shaun also points out that the video crosses over into adult territory, but the main point of the project is to show how you cannot push boundaries without being creative.

If you haven’t seen the video already, check it out below!

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