Korean girl group “Girls’ Generation” release MV to new Japanese single

So SNSD are pros. Whenever you see their name just sit down, tell everyone around you to be quiet, and take it all in. These girls’ Japanese singles have been nothing but hot fire. What is it with artists going to Japan and busting out hits? Like tracks I’d bump hard in the car and not give a f**k about who sees me jamming. It just goes to show that Japanese production is supreme, I’ve been saying that for a while now. As much as I’d love a Girls’ Generation Korean comeback I also want them to stay in Japan and keep making these boss ass tracks. One minor gripe though: why didn’t Hyoyeon get more screen time? But you know that’s okay, I’ll just watch her in YOUNIQUE UNIT.

Look out for Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese album,?GIRLS’ GENERATION II ~Girls & Peace~, on November 28th. FLOWER POWER available November 21st.

Dance Version:

(Source: SMTOWN)