URBAN ZAKAPA release the MV to ‘All the Same’

Insert car breaking noise here. Is that Jennie Kim, the same girl who featured in GD‘s THAT XX and is debuting soon in URBAN ZAKAPA‘s ?new music video? And what perfect (planned) timing too, because isn’t she supposed to debut soon? Like around now? I’m sorry, but this post is about to become all about Jennie and not even URBAN ZAKAPA, and I really do feel bad about that. They’re a group filled with nothing but talent, but seeing Jennie just got me really hyped. What makes me think this is her even more is the fact that they keep blurring her face, or showing profiles of her to stop us from getting a clear shot. Eventually we do though, and i’m like 90% sure it’s her. Fluxus Music and YG Entertainment collaborating, that’s gold right there.

(Source: fluxus)