One man band “Nabi:Mat” releases full MV to ‘I’m Scared’. Heart-strings will be tugged.

Another one of those moments where I really, really wish I could speak Korean. I’m Scared has a story filled with deceit, sadness, love and death. It’s a mixture of emotions, with scenes that may make you run for a Kleenex. I believe Nabi:Mat is from Busan and debuted back in 2003, with I’m Scared coming from his debut album Butterfly Flavor (This info is based on my rough translations, so my apologies in advance if they’re not entirely accurate). I’m Scared was also published through Pony Canyon Korea, which is ?a shock to me because I didn’t even know Pony Canyon had a Korean division. In Japan they have amazing artists under their label, and now I see Korea is no different. Watch the shocking and highly sentimental Nabi:Mat release below

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(Source: AsianDreamVOD)