Check out the 8 minute long MV of “Izumi Sayoko’s” debut single, ‘Scramble’

Last week we talked about Izumi Sayoko and her debut single Scramble, but the MV was very brief, too brief in fact. To be honest, the story behind Scramble was very much a mystery with barely enough audio to enjoy, and the most we got out of the short version was snippets of new movie Crow’s Thumb. Now that I think about it, last week’s MV was kind of like the movie?advertisement?version, and the one you’ll find below is like Izumi’s actual debut MV.?Courage and comedy are combined in Scramble, which are two great themes to use in a debut! Izumi Say0ko has such a great style going for her here. I’m excited to see more of this girl + that voice!

(Source: kingrecords)