INFINITE’s?”Kim Sung Kyu” releases MV to ’60Sec’ from 1st solo album Another me

I’m not much of an?INFINITE fan so when it comes to the member’s individual talents I’m not too sure, but Kim Sung Kyu seems like he’s a good leader! I like the rock and roll style of 60Sec, and the inspiration behind the song is clever (look for LOEN’s explanation below). Overall this is a solid solo single, so I’m sure the rest of Sung Kyu’s mini album, Another me, is decent too. Check it out below.

INFINITE leader, Kim Sung Kyu’s first mini album [Another me] has finally come out. The solo debut album [Another me] will take the sentimental voice of INFINITE leader Sung Kyu.

The mini album title song ’60Sec’ is a music that fits Kim Sung Kyu perfectly like a tailored suit. The time it takes to fall in love is 60 seconds, and the time it takes to break up is also 60seconds. In those short times, Kim Sung Kyu’s voice describes all the feelings of sadness and happiness.
It was somewhat difficult to show all the feelings in one song, but he was able to control the feelings and put it all in.

(Source: LOENENT)