Maki Goto releases two songs previews before hiatus!

Maki Goto has recently announced her hiatus which will begin in January 2012, but before her well deserved rest she has many things planned for her fans! Following her digital singles which are being released this month, Maki plans to participate in the Avex A-Nation tour this summer, release an album in the fall, and hold a solo concert in December.

Although many people are upset by the news of her hiatus, let’s take this time to celebrate the release of two new songs!

What Is Love and Scandalous are two dance tracks with really catchy electro beats! To me Maki’s voice is like a fuse between Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamaski‘s, so for new listeners you know what to expect! Let’s wish Maki a peaceful hiatus!

(Source: avexnetwork & jpopcentral)