Japanese rock star GACKT has released the music video for new song Episode.0!

I mean, what can I really say about GACKT besides the obvious? He’s been around for years not only because of his ability to make fan girls faint with one glance, but his overwhelming talent too. Everyone, whether you listen to him or not, can’t deny his supreme vocal ability.

Both Ever and Episode.0 are awesome songs with loads of energy! Ever has more of a secret message, as it has GACKT performing a concert while a young boy (who kind of looks like him) desperately reaches out towards him on stage. Who the shady character in the beginning and end of the music video is, is still a mystery to me. Although Ever has been out for about a year it was released alongside his new song Episode.0, so let’s include it in this post.


Episode.0 is living art, well, kind of. It’s a music video comprised of still shots of GACKT dressed as a samurai. I really can’t say ‘still shots’ though, seeing as the photos do have some movement. It’s more like extra slow-mo. It’s a bit hard to explain but GACKT’s wardrobe, the beautiful scenery, and awesome effects really come together to make a magical music video.



So, what do you think of GACKT’s new song and music video Episode.0? All I know is, I want it on my iPod!

(Source: avexnetwork)