SHINee release full MV to ‘Dream Girl’! I can’t even!

This is FANTASTIC! The production, the styling, the CONCEPT, the MV direction (directed by DIGIPEDI), the flow of the vocals, and just about everything else is spectacular! The boys look great, and this is the first time in a while I’ve really enjoyed what they did with Onew‘s look. This comeback has made him shoot to the top of my bias list, and not just because of his wardrobe- it’s been a process. Dream Girl will chart for a long long time, especially with the way they’re doing the album. You have Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You (Chapter 1 of the album) out now, and Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of Me coming out sometime in April. Great marketing. No doubt I’m buying them both. Off to iTunes for Chapter 1 I goooo~~

Dance Version:

(Source: SMTOWN & allkpop)