Taiwanese-American singer Van Ness Wu releases his music video for new song Aiya!

Van Ness Wu is definitely my favorite Cpop singer! I’ve been following him for ages (ever since I watched Meteor Garden) and have been a faithful fan ever since! With his new album C’est La “V” recently released, Van Ness has been promoting like crazy! His hard work is definitely paying off though, as his album is hitting top spots on a lot of music charts!

Aiya is one of those classic Mandopop tunes that everyone will love! It tells the story of how Van Ness won the love of his life by doing various tasks for her in order to make her time at work easier and more enjoyable, showing her that someone truly cares about her well being.

Seeing Van Ness and the female lead in all of the funny situations was definitely an exciting experience, and something I’d recommend everyone to watch! I’m confident you won’t be disappointed!

(Source: universaltwn)