GUMMY unveils short version MV to “Believe…”, her new Japanese single

This is the first time I’ve looked at GUMMY and have been in total awe. She’s always been an amazing talent, but those vocals paired with how?elegant?and fragile she looks in this MV- perfection. She needs to keep that hair forever, and I had NO idea she was that good at working the camera. This makes me sound like I just found out about GUMMY or something but that’s totally not the case, it’s just Believe… has made me look at her in a new light. Pretty sure I just fell in love. Watch the gorgeous GUMMY perform her new single from 2nd mini album FATE(s) releasing April 3rd below.

EDIT: I’ve added the longer version MV which is more story based. I love you GUMMY~ <3

GUMMY Version:

FATE(s) Long Version:


(Source: YGEntertainment)