FINALLY Double A are back! I’ve only been waiting ages!

I don’t like the song nearly as much as their debut, but COME BACK still gets an A+ from me. The choreography was something I knew was going to be top notch- I’m even willing to say collectively they’re some of the best male dancers in Kpop. I also love how each member has their own distinctive voice. I know this applies to every Kpop group but with AA you can really hear drastic differences in the members’ vocals, like their own characteristic if that makes sense. Poor Aoora, though! Not only did they dye his hair blonde but also added rainbow colors, and then dyed it BACK to black. His hair must be totally fried (even if they did it in reverse order that’s still a lot of chemicals!). This group is made up of members that each shine brightly, but I have to say my bias is Woosang (his voice + dancing is like whoa!). Check out the title track from their new EP below!


(Source: AAboyband)