Rookie girl group DELIGHT make their debut with 1st mini album “Mega Yak”

I was actually expecting more when it came to the?choreography. Like I said during the teaser, I thought these girls were going to be Pop/Locking all over the place BoA style, but really all we get is some basic dance moves. Not to sound too harsh, but the member with the green hair is really the best thing about this group. They’re rookies so the others have time to grow, but there’s a reason why she’s front and center. Her vocals are perfect for a group with this concept and she has the most presence. She’s assertive and confident while the other girls kind of seem to get lost in her shadow. As a song Mega Yak is hot- if this doesn’t get you pumped then nothing will! Curious to hear the rest of their mini album and see what more DELIGHT have to offer.

PS. P.O‘s feature in the MV would have made this tons better! Wonder why they didn’t include it?