GI debut with “BEATLES”

A loooot of people are complaining about how GI aren’t really tomboys because of the heels and makeup, but I disagree. Tomboy, to me, is more about the feeling. GI are a group of tough, badass chicks that aren’t afraid to get a little dirty but also like to glam up a bit. Maybe we can call their style Chic Tomboy.

BEATLES goes ham- I was NOT expecting their debut track to sound like this. The pretty Pop breakdowns match their?glamorous?side while the rest of the track bumps hard to remind us not to forget they can, and will, f**k us up if need be. The choreography is more masculine than feminine, but has the perfect amount of softness to keep these girls from coming off too aggressive. The balance is perfect and I hope GI stick to this concept foreverrrrr. So excited to see more of them- I really believe they have the potential to become a lot of people’s new favorite girl group.

Oh, and here’s the BeatBurger remix that’ll be on the single. DOOOPE!


(Source: Sim Tong &?BubbleFeetGravityCH6)