Check out these live performances from Music Bank April 5th!

ZE:A FIVE, Electroboyz and Girl’s Day are just a few of the idols you’ll see on April 5th’s MuBank! Enjoy the live performances of your favorite star’s recent comebacks, and make sure to fan chant loudly even at home!

Keep checking back as we’ll update this post as more videos are released!

ZE:A FIVEThe Day We Broke Up

COMEBACK STAGE: ELECTROBOYZMaBoy3 (feat. Sojin of Girl’s Day!)

Girl’s DayExpectation

TEEN TOPMiss Right

G.NAOops (feat. L. Joe of TEEN TOP!)


INFINITE 60 Seconds


Ladies’ CodeBad Girl

RaNiaJust Go

EvoLGet Up



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