The best Kpop remix I’ve ever seen, seriously!

What do you get when you add a band, backup singers and two amazing vocalists on the mic performing a SHINee track?! Nothing but awesome epic flawless perfection! DTMG and Pumashock team up to release this stellar cover of Dream Girl, one that’s bound to make fans around the globe shiver with goosebumps! This cover was FANTASTIC- I don’t know if any adjectives exist that would accurately describe the feelings I’m experiencing right now. Actually I was just thinking about Pumashock like two days ago, rewatching her appearance on Star King after her hit Gee cover. Gah, I’m so happy this was released. I hope it gets just as much?attention?as her Gee remix if not more! DTMG and Pumashock are awesome!!

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(Source: Pumashock)