AKLO releases MV to “New Days Move”! New 3 track single on the way!

BACHLOGIC, I salute you! You did your thing with this beat! AKLO‘s new MV is for New Days Move, a Hip Hop track with tons of Electronic/Dubstep vibes to satisfy fans of both genres. Lemme tell you, this sh*z goes IN! I WILL be bumping this tonight at full blast. What are ear drums? New Days Move is the title track of AKLO’s new single, I’ll include the track list below. Look out for it on June 5th!

M1. New Days Move (Pro by BACHLOGIC)
M2. Do It Big feat.WEZ (Pro by JIGG)
M3. Runaway (Pro by BACHLOGIC)
M4. New Days Move (Inst.)
M5. Do It Big feat.WEZ (Inst.)
M6. Runaway (Inst.)




(Source: manhattanrecords)