Haven’t seen these dance moves in a minute!

Why did this video just send me down memory lane? I haven’t seen the Heel Toe or Reject in, like, forever! The main focus of their?choreography?was footwork which isn’t seen often in Kpop dance routines, so that was a pleasant change. I’m also digging the combination of Hip Hop and Grunge fashion in their styling. So far LC9 are off to a powerful start. I mean their first MV was one of the most badass I’ve seen in the past several months, and even this dance version is ace. From the jump they were getting attention from being from Nega Network, the same label as BEG, SunnyHill, etc. Their career is looking pretty solid if you ask me. Check out the dance version MV of their debut single MaMa Beat below.




(Source: LOENENT)