EXO release their comeback track “WOLF”! It’s really different and an intense experience

Wolf is not your traditional Dance/Pop track but instead something that represents the anticipation and excitement of EXO‘s comeback. The instrumental is very intense and is made with many layers- SM has some amazing producers on deck. I mean if you really hone in and listen to the music it’s awe inspiring- someone CREATED that. I won’t be downloading Wolf because I it’s not something I’d listen to as an everyday, catchy tune, but I will be replaying the video to relive the moment. This whole comeback plays out more like theater than an actual Pop track, if that makes sense. It’s a musical experience rather than a party starter. SM made sure EXO were elite performers before they debuted, and it shows. They didn’t miss a beat and totally kill this performance. Whether you like SM or not you gotta give props for this comeback.

Korean version:

Chinese version:




(Source: SMTOWN)