After School release full MV to comeback track “First Love”

I?m really not feeling that cheesy saxophone, the ?Get funky, get down?, or those corny DJ scratches. I hate to say it too, because usually when I see After School?s name I get hype. At least I can say their concept is fantastic. The pole dancing is extremely sexy but never crosses over to indecent- whoever choreographed this is a genius. The way the girls actually share the same pole is extremely impressive too. Can you imagine having to maintain elegance and grace while twirling on a pole that you’re barely holding onto and SHARING it with someone only inches away from your body? I give them a standing ovation for all the hard work they put into such a difficult and complex concept. But yeah, not liking the song at all. ?I wonder how they?ll promote this during music programs, though. I?m sure they have some regular dance version (we see glimpses of it in the video), but a lot of the impact is the pole dancing parts. I mean I guess music programs COULD put poles on the stage but that?s a LOT of work (and money!). Welp, time will tell!


(Source: LOENENT)