Their teaser to “Darling Of All Hearts”

I was looking at another tab, and when the teaser began and thought it was an annoying YouTube ad. What is this? By the sound of things this isn’t something I?d release as a mainstream Pop track meant to be taken seriously. It?s more fitting for a musical. Fans are saying this is the old SunnyHill because they’ve done super cute stuff like this in the past, and I’ll have to take their word for it because I haven’t listened to old SunnyHill, but old or not this just doesn’t sound good to me, especially when you compare it to what other groups are putting out. I want something more… modern! For as long as I’ve known SunnyHill they’ve always been eccentric, so fitting in with the rest isn’t really their style and I get that. It’ s just not for me is all I’m basically saying. In all fairness I?ll wait for the full release to make final judgments but as of right now I can?t look at this teaser and get excited. If there?s ONE thing I?m looking forward to it?s this concept and plot, cause they’re always on point with those. Am I alone in this? What do you guys think?


(Source: LOENENT)