Noh Min Woo, ‘ICON”, releases full MV to “ROCK STAR” from 1st single album

This guy has a vision that’s like no other. His talents at guitar are rare in Kpop, and his image and sound are refreshing! A lot of groups try to be different with really urban concepts but Noh Min Woo managed to succeed by creating his own little world, a world that only he fits into. Even GD, who may be the closest to his kind of visual, still isn?t the same. Noh Min Woo really does add something fresh to the industry. He combines his amazing slapstick guitar talents with Electronic music and he did it ALL BY HIMSELF. This dude has earned the title of artist in a field where so many are just performers. Go on ICON, you have my full support! ROCK STAR is sick and I’m?diggin the retro!!!

Noh Min Woo releases his first single album “ICONIC OH DISCO ‘ROCK STAR’ .” He has done producing the album including the music, fashion, and design he wants to express. He has written the songs whenever the inspiration hits him. He was interviewed that he had felt physically exhausted since he had been have to record and arrange the songs by himself.