This MV is tough!!!

Psycho Zombie is coming from OMSB‘s new 12″ HULK dropping July 27th. The MV has a kickass story, one that combines a post-apocalyptic world and zombies. It’s extremely well done and the barren locations mixed in with the heavy dosage of Hip Hop creates a really rugged yet ironically chill vibe. Psycho Zombie is one of my favorite recent Jhiphop releases to come out. Wish I had a vinyl player!

OMSB “Psycho Zombie”
Directed by GIVVN

2012?10?????????OMSB?1st???????Mr. “All Bad” Jordan????HULK??????????????????Psycho Zombie???????????????????????B?????HULK MUJO? Remix??????

Artist : OMSB
Title : HULK 12inch
No. SMMT-22
Price : ¥1,680
Format : 12inch Vinyl
Label : SUMMIT
Vinyl Release : 2013.7.27
Digital Release : 2013.8.14????

1. HULK Produced by OMSB

1. Psycho Zombie Produced by WAH NAH MICHEAL
2. HULK (MUJO? Remix) Produced by MUJO?


(Source: SUMMITube)